Is it fate?

There’s this guy at work that I kinda like and everyday I go to work I hope and pray that he’s scheduled to work that day too. Most of the time it doesn’t happen but when it does oh boy you can’t get that smile off my face. But I have come to a realization,obviously from over-thinking everything that happens between us, that its not meant to be. Apart from that the age difference between us is of 4yrs(he’s younger) I feel there’s gonna be something between him and another coworker. We have our own mini group consisting of another female coworker, me and him but it seems fate wants them together. Or at least my over-thinking has brought me to that conclusion. On Thursday I went to work at 9 am and taking a peek at the schedule of the cashiers I found out he was there and had come in at 5:45 and she had come in at 6. Then yesterday(Friday) taking another peek I found out he was gonna come in at 4:30 and she at 5 and then somehow by miracle they have the same schedule today from 10am to 4pm. When I saw that I instantly thought it must be fate that keep bringing them together. Because not in the 7 months I have been there have I worked with a person 3 days straight with such a similar schedule. Either it’s fate or the one who does the schedule is playing cupid with them or something. I’m not gonna deny it, it did hurt me in a way seeing that and then realizing that maybe they are meant to be one day. I’m not the type of girl who really goes after a guy either I’m kinda like if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be if not then it’s not. Maybe I’m too nice too, there was once a time in high school where the guy I like would come tell me his relationship problems with his girlfriend. Other girls would have taken the chance to sabotage their relationship to try to end up with him but me? no, I helped “fix” his relationship. So even now if I thought I had a chance I wouldn’t do anything since now my thinking is that maybe fate wants them to be together. It’s confusing at times though because sometimes I do feel that maybe he likes me but then I feel maybe he likes her too. I’m not sure either way whatever is bound to happen is gonna happen if not then hopefully something better is waiting for me in the future.

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